Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer heat

Problem: it doesn't really feel like summer when it's too hot to walk outside. Perspiration drips off your face as soon as you crack a door to go get the mail. I literally fried an egg on the sidewalk last weekend( which by the way, did not turn out as good as the pictured one.) but oh wait, you can always go swimming, right? Wrong. The pools feel more like a hot tub in this horrible heat. Maybe I'm being a tad over dramatic..or maybe I just don't feel too giddy whenever I watch the news and see it's going to be 115 degrees at noon. I'm ready for some new scenery. I actually want to see some mountains instead of just the faint outline that has been somewhat distorted by 20 year-old smog. I can't wait to get somewhere where I can walk outside and not acquire some sort of lung cancer. Let's hope that day comes soon.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. John Lennon

I guess happiness is just too much to ask for from some people. They would rather spend all their time moping and whining about things they won't even care about next month...or even next week. Why do they worry so much about making every little aspect in their life as perfect as they can? John Lennon said that "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." They insist upon stacking every little block up perfectly to its highest point instead of playing with them as they are thrown. Here's a news flash--not everything has to be this picture perfect image you once had. I'm not saying to settle for mediocrity, but they're kinda letting life fly right out the window. No offence. Just live; let your hair down, smile a little bit, and just be happy. Just be what you want to be and don't mold yourself to better fit your idea of society. live your life for yourself.

"If you want to be a pretty and pink like a soft rose growing in the spring time then be that as pretty and as beautiful and as slippery as you can. And if you want to be the biggest ugliest monster that scares everybody away, do that as best as you can." Flea

hmm, i guess that's about it for today. Done ranting and raving.


Monday, July 20, 2009

"In you a star is born"

I see beauty in people. I see it everyday, and everyday it makes my heart smile. The most simple things humans do have the biggest affect on me. A young father with a look of love and compassion on his face while pushing his new pride and joy in her stroller. A teenager going out of his way to help an elderly woman push her shopping cart to her car and unload her groceries. Kids playing outside with water guns and hoses, turning their back on the heat for the joy of the summer. The joy radiating off them reaches me and I can't help but find myself grinning at the random acts of kindness. Their smiles are as contagious as the flu.

Sooo, there's my first blog. Maybe I'll get better at this when I've had some more practice.