Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer heat

Problem: it doesn't really feel like summer when it's too hot to walk outside. Perspiration drips off your face as soon as you crack a door to go get the mail. I literally fried an egg on the sidewalk last weekend( which by the way, did not turn out as good as the pictured one.) but oh wait, you can always go swimming, right? Wrong. The pools feel more like a hot tub in this horrible heat. Maybe I'm being a tad over dramatic..or maybe I just don't feel too giddy whenever I watch the news and see it's going to be 115 degrees at noon. I'm ready for some new scenery. I actually want to see some mountains instead of just the faint outline that has been somewhat distorted by 20 year-old smog. I can't wait to get somewhere where I can walk outside and not acquire some sort of lung cancer. Let's hope that day comes soon.



  1. Did you really fry an egg? I once cooked hot dogs outside with a mini foil oven! They didn't turn out very good.

  2. yaa, caity and i tried to fry didn't turn out edible though:)

  3. Andrea I love your blog.. Keep up the good thoughts!!!! Love you and I hope you make it to the mountains soon so you can breath also...