Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I took the first one of these pictures about one year ago on my side yard...about one month ago I was exploring the same place and the same tree caught my eye. For me, these pictures represent how beauty can thrive in the barest of places. The broken slats from the fence does not pollute the tree's living area, but rather, give the tree a trait of strength and pride. Life can grow even if darkness is surrounding it. For some reason, when I saw the second picture, I was amazed at how much the tree grew in one little year. I guess it was because I assumed that the tree would wither and die without me or someone else to take care of give it nutrition and sunlight. I didn't realize that nature would take it's course and the tree could flourish and live on its own.

I'm kind of thinking that I'm going to start posting more of my own pictures instead of google ones...just a thought.



  1. I think that would be a random thought.. so go for it you take great have the eye... there is so many cool things around to take pictures of isn't there???

  2. oh i know!
    it's great what you can capture!
    hahaa :)